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Chinese Bridge On Line Winter Camp Chinese +Cooking Skill Overview Chinese Bridge On Line Winter Camp-Chinese +Cooking Skill sponsored by Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC), and Leshan Vocational and Technical College.The Chinese Language and cooking process online experience project, which was opened from January 10-21,2022. It aims to provide a "cloud" way for young students from "Belt and Road" countries to participate in Chinese + skills perception of China activities.To deepen the understanding and cloud experience of young students from all over the countries on Chinese language, culture and cooking skills, especially the cooking skills of Sichuan cuisine, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of young students from all over the world to learn Chinese and love Chinese culture. Students will follow our lens to see the cooking process of Sichuan cuisine, the production of snacks, the street food as "Food in Sichuan, Taste in Jiazhou" and so on.Through the Chinese teachers' professional Chinese explanation of cooking skills, we can further understand the meaning of "Bread is the staff of life" in Chinese culture.Combined with the lectures of Sichuan cuisine experts, we can systematically understand the important role of Sichuan cuisine cooking skills and Sichuan cuisine culture in Chinese culture.Let young students learn in "Watching videos, learn how to cook Sichuan cuisine, cook Sichuan cuisine will learn to taste Chinese culture".Welcome to the "Be good in color, flavor and taste" winter camp!



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