General Courses 通用课程

Chinese Bridge Delegation Online Language Preparation


Course Syllabus 课程章节


Through an open online learning platform this course helps participants of Chinese Bridge Delegation to master everyday Chinese expressions which relate to study and life in China. Combined with language learning, participants will acquire social and cultural knowledge through engaging daily life scenarios.The course consists of five themed units: STUDYING, DINING, CHECKING IN, GETTING AROUND, and SHOPPING. Each unit contains 3 typical daily life scenarios, one lesson for each scenario, 15 lessons in total. There are 5 sections in each lesson: INTRODUCTION, WATCH DIALOGUE, WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS LEARNING, CULTURE TIPS, and CHALLENGE YOURSELF. In addition, each unit is equipped with a LANGUAGE MAGIC BOX, which provides commonly used practical words and sentences in communicating related topics.


General Courses 通用课程