Jiangxi College of Applied Technology



This project gives full play to the professional advantages of our college, and around the theme of “Chinese + Geological Treasures”, provides a series of experience courses integrating language, culture and professional skills for students. The course content is easy to understand, distinctive and interesting, and it is suitable for overseas students who are beginning to learn Chinese. It aims at transmitting Chinese knowledge, spreading Chinese culture, telling China stories well, showing the characteristics of our college and cultivating students’ interest in learning. The main contents of these courses include the following three parts: 1. Communicative Chinese and Professional Chinese. According to the concept of “Chinese + vocational skills”, the teaching content is compiled with the background of exporting Chinese language and culture, and experiencing the professional knowledge of geology and mineral exploration and development and precious jade. It covers both daily communication Chinese and professional Chinese of geology and gemology. 2. Keynote lectures and online visits. Topics include mineral exploration and development, jewelry identification, etc., and live courses and recorded courses are adopted to enable overseas students to learn rich professional knowledge and skills better. Online visits include our college geological parks, museum visits, field surveys of large mines, etc., and take the form of a combination of virtual and real scenes, bringing students the feeling of being there. 3. Chinese language and culture. Including Chinese situational dialogue class and Chinese traditional culture class, so that overseas students can have a better understanding of Chinese language and culture, enhance their interest in learning Chinese, and at the same time, let them truly experience the fun of communication between different cultures in the international environment.





Courses 课程

Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程