Zhejiang Business College



This group aims to provide training for cooking related teenagers, college students, professionals and hobbyists from countries along the “Belt and Road” Initiative, provide students with a platform to understand Chinese cuisine culture, and enable the students to be familiar with the table manners, to develop healthy eating habits, improve the ability of food production, appreciation and innovation, improve the quality of life, enhance the influence of Zhejiang cuisine and Chinese cuisine in the world, and stimulate students’ interest in further learning and exploration, so as to contribute to the capacity cooperation and technical exchanges in the catering industry of these countries and regions. With food culture as the origin point, the “Chinese +” program will broaden students’ horizons and build a complex platform to help countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” solve employment problems. It also builds a platform for young people around the world who are interested in food culture to communicate and create a common home for food and cooking lovers.


General Courses 通用课程