Zhejiang Business College


Zhejiang Business College (ZJBC) is a time-honored institution. It has developed from its predecessor Hangzhou Secondary Commercial School, which was founded in 1911. ZJBC is located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, with its main campus located in Binjiang Higher Education Park in south bank of the picturesque Qiantang River, and its Desheng Campus and exclusively-invested enterprise Zhejiang Commercial Machinery Plant located in the downtown area. ZJBC has more than 11,000 full time students, and is well-staffed with more than 600 faculty members. It is made up of 12 secondary schools, namely, School of Economics and Management, School of E-Commerce, School of Finance and Accounting, School of Applied Engineering, School of Tourism and Culinary Arts, School of Art and Design, School of International Studies, School of Marxism, School of Humanities, School of Entrepreneurship, and School of Continuing Education, and School of Zhejiang E-Commerce. Currently ZJBC offers 32 programs. Now it is a National High-Quality Vocational College, and is listed as one of China’s first batch of Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Colleges and Universities, China’s first batch of Digitized Campus Pilot Schools, Zhejiang Province’s first batch of Demonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges, Zhejiang Province’s first batch of High Quality Higher Vocational Colleges, Zhejiang Province’s Classroom Teaching Innovation Colleges, and Zhejiang Province Key Colleges for “Three Integrity Education” Comprehensive Reform.



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