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Modern Bridges, Bridging You and Me ---“Chinese Bridge”Online Summer Camp of Hunan University

现代桥梁、桥接你我 —湖南大学“汉语桥”线上夏令营

Feel the Beauty of Hunan on the Needle Tip from Hunan Embroidery the "Chinese National Gift", the Online Group Exchange Program of Hunan University on Modern Bridges, Bridging You and Me is mainly designed for university and high school students who have some Mandarin background from African countries. Diversified Chinese language and culture experience courses including "Ancient Bridges", "Modern Bridges", "Overpass", "Bridge in Painting", "New Technologies for Bridges" are presented in way of recording and live streaming, offering us a glance into the extensive and profound Chinese culture, so as to further improve students’ Chinese language. Also, they will have a better understanding of China, Hunan and Hunan University, making Chinese culture and Huxiang culture go global. And, the program also provides an opportunity to allow "Generation Z" (young) foreign students and Chinese language learners to better understand China, know China, and experience China. Furthermore, the program will make the Silk Road in the new era go smooth, and promote the steady and far-reaching development of the Belt and Road Initiative by people-to-people bond. China bridges cross the four seas to the future. Chinese bridge, its beauty rooting in history and spanning time and space, traces history. Looking ahead, it will link the world closer into a higher level of prosperity and development.


General Courses 通用课程