Sichuan Vocational and Technical College of Communications



Sichuan Voctional and Technical College of Communications(SVTCC) has integrated top-ranking science popularization infrastructures, such as Sichuan-Tibet Highway Museum, the national training base for the Rail Vehicle Skills Competition, the national training base for automobile technology in the World Skills Competition, the research and development base for racing cars, and multi-function navigation training ships. With the science popularization concept with "unity of knowledge and action", we have built a first national science popularization base for transportation in China. The "Chinese Bridge" Program, supported by four popular science bases, is featured by using the teaching method of "science live broadcast + Chinese live broadcast + bridge modeling experience", and integrating scientificity, enjoyment and involvement. While watching a vivid and interesting campus drama, international participants can learn Chinese language, culture and transportation skills, appreciate the charm of China's smart transportation with "zero distance", observe the subway, navigation, and racing simulation driving with "immersion", and experience unmanned minibus operation and bridge modeling with Chinese students from our bridge modeling association in the cloud hands-on. The 10-day Winter Camp of "Chinese Bridge & Intelligent Communications - Chinese + Online Driving" is sure to bring you a lot!


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