Architecture is an important carrier in the development of human civilization, and traditional architecture of all countries in the world is an important part of culture. Chinese civilization has lasted for 5,000 years and created countless brilliant achievements. As a treasure of traditional culture, Chinese traditional architecture is the ancient life memory and cultural gene of the Chinese nation. Appreciating architectural art, feeling architectural culture, and promoting Chinese excellent culture to the world are important ways to enhance cultural exchanges. Hebi Polytechnic is located in Hebi, the pearl of northern Henan in China, with a long history cultural history. It has rich architectural and cultural resources such as the ancient city of Junxian County, Big Dipper ancient villages and Shangshufu; The university attaches importance to international people to people and cultural exchanges and has long carried out cooperation with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and other countries, with a good working foundation. On February 15, 2022, the university will officially launch the online delegation experience project “Appreciate the Beauty of Traditional Chinese Architecture Through Chinese Bridge”, lasting for 10 days. The university has set up a teaching team composed of Chinese teachers, architecture teachers and English teachers, with the theme of spreading Chinese traditional architectural culture, to build a platform for students to understand Chinese traditional architectural culture. Through a series of experience activities such as situational Chinese + architectural Chinese, online visits, and theme lectures, the students can understand the architectural history and layout characteristics, appreciate the beauty of ancient cities, palaces, dwellings and gardens, and carry out online practice, poster display, poetry recitation and other activities, so as to improve the Chinese level of the college, enrich the knowledge of architectural culture, broaden students’ horizons, and promote excellent Chinese traditions Culture to the world.




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