Heilongjiang University



This program, with food as the bridge, teaches Chinese culture and language through food, which is an indispensable part of people’s daily life. Participants can learn Chinese language by experiencing Chinese food culture and Northeastern food culture. In the process, they can improve the ability to learn and use Chinese, better master the characteristics of Chinese language and its learning techniques. The overseas youth can take advantage of this opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture. Our program, with themed language and culture courses, aims to cover a wider audience. Chinese language lovers can better understand and experience Chinese language and culture. Overseas students can enrich their multicultural knowledge, which provides a solid foundation for their future study in China. We use food to tell the story of China, attract students to China, and launch Chinese language programs that have various teaching activities. Participants of our program can master the techniques of learning Chinese grammar as well as vocabularies and sentences needed for conversation about the topic of food. By exposing themselves to a different culture, participants get to know how Chinese people think and communicate with others through Chinese food culture. Through food culture and etiquette as well as featured food of Harbin, participants can learn about the history of Harbin and China’s distinctive food culture. Through the learning and experiencing process, they can better understand how Chinese dining etiquette and Chinese food are reflected in Chinese cultural elements such as Chinese characters, classic poems and traditional festivals. Participants can communicate with Chinese students via video link. They can listen to Chinese students talk about the life in China. They also have the chance to practice language communication and expression skills by showing the culture of their own country or region.



General Courses 通用课程