Hangzhou Normal University



Specialties in Hangzhou introduces the delicacies, special products and implements. It consists of the following sections: Toothsome Tofu, Luscious Lotus, Appetizing Bamboo Shoots, Exquisite Bamboo Chopsticks, Fragrant Chrysanthemum Tea and Palatable Pastry. In the program, international students will experience distinctive Hangzhou culture in person by making Tofu, bamboo chopsticks and Chinese pastry, picking lotus flowers and seedpods, peeling lotus seeds, sowing bamboo seeds, digging bamboo shoots as well as growing and picking Hangzhou white chrysanthemum and making it into tea. Moreover, they will be shown how Jiande Tofu dumplings, Lin’an bamboo shoots, Tongxiang white chrysanthemum, Liye lotus industry chain have contributed to rural vitalization and common prosperity of all farmers. They will also have the opportunity to experience how the intangible cultural heritage, like bamboo chopsticks and Chinese pastry, is live transmitted and preserved in modern China. The project incorporates six 40-minute video lessons, created according to the requirements for the 4th Band of 2nd Level stated in Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education (hereinafter referred to as Standards). The video lessons are both the carrier of stories of China and teaching materials for Chinese language teaching. The live broadcast lessons will be launched from January 11 to 16, 2023. There are two types of classes: large and small. Small classes are made up of 20 students or so to ensure high frequency of teacher-student interaction. Students are grouped into primary and secondary levels so as to guarantee better results than otherwise. Students are free to choose large-class or small-class lessons live broadcast every morning according to their specific level of Chinese. For those who are not available for the morning classes but still need interaction with the teachers, we have special evening tutoring lessons as an alternative.




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