Hangzhou Normal University


Hangzhou Normal University started as Zhejiang Official Level-Two Normal School in 1908.It was renamed Zhejiang Provincial First Normal School in 1913. In times of upheaval, the university set changes in motion and emerged as Zhejiang’s pioneer in democracy and science. In 1978, Hangzhou Teachers College was formed on the basis of Hangzhou Normal School. At the turn of the 21st century, multiple institutions were successively combined with Hangzhou Teachers College. 2007 marked the birth of the new Hangzhou Teachers College, officially today’s Hangzhou Normal University. The journey was full of challenges, but we persevered. Along the way, we at Hangzhou Normal University, one generation after another, have united around our motto “Diligence, Conscientiousness, Honesty and Generosity, Erudition, Elegance, Refinement and Excellence” to preach and practice teaching and learning as we moved with the times in an open and inclusive way while staying true to our shared vision. Since its 100th anniversary in 2008, HZNU has been pursuing a brand-new strategy of making itself a first-class university. A defining moment came when HZNU, which is now among China’s top 100, was put on Zhejiang’s agenda for key universities in 2017.



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