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The Encounter "Chinese Bridge" to experience Longyuan intangible cultural heritage project of Lanzhou Resources&Environmental Voc-Tec University is a "Chinese Bridge" group exchange project carried out by the national craft college of our school in the form of "Chinese + vocational skills".Covering Chinese cultural knowledge, Gansu intangible cultural heritage, arts and crafts design, etc. Provide overseas Chinese learners with opportunities for interactive participation and in-depth experience of Chinese culture.Through skill demonstrations, recording and broadcasting course learning,live lectures and online interactive experience activities, the team enables students to learn about carving gourds, Hezhou egg carvings, Carving gourds,Hezhou Clay Sculpture,etc. while admiring Dunhuang art, painting and calligraphy mounting process and ancient book restoration techniques. Longyuan intangible cultural heritage deepens the understanding of intangible cultural heritage in perceptual experience. By learning the course, the trainees will improve their Chinese proficiency and professional skills while understanding Gansu's intangible cultural heritage, arts and crafts design.


Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程