Nanjing University of information Science & Technology



A program to provide free online course of Chinese language and Chinese Culture for all the youth in the Bahamas as well as all those who have interests in Chinese culture will be organized by Nanjing University of information Science & Technology (NUIST) and hosted by CI of UB. The program entitled “The City of Nanjing----A Vibrant Modern City with a Long History” is intended to provide Chinese language education and give introduction to Chinese Culture. In the program, the city of Nanjing is taken as an embodiment of Chinese culture. Its history, education, economy, social and cultural life and food is described in the prerecorded videos to help the people across the world to know the history and lives of Chinese people, and a lecture entitled “History of Chinese Traditional Medicine and Chinese regimen” will be given by Associate Professor Yuan Xiaoling from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. In addition, a free course of Oral Business Chinese is also included in the program.


General Courses 通用课程