Beijing Sport University (BSU)



In order to develop the passion for learning for overseas Chinese learners and friends who are interested in Chinese culture, and meet their needs for an in-depth understanding of Chinese language and Chinese wushu culture, the Beijing Sport University “Chinese Bridge” Online European Group Exchange Program is officially launched. The program is aimed to enhance the in-depth cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, expand the channels for the effective exchanges in the fields of languages and wushu education, share Chinese culture, and cultivate more overseas envoys who know about China and act as a friendly bridge between China and foreign countries. Upon completion of the courses, students will obtain a certificate issued by the China Wushu School and the School of Humanities of Beijing Sport University. The program relies on the advantages of professional disciplines and teacher resources of Beijing Sport University. There will be a total of 10 teachers from the China Wushu School and the School of Humanities, who are well-known professors and core teachers of Beijing Sport University and equipped with a professional knowledge reserve and teaching ability. Through the courses of traditional regimens such as tai chi chuan, baduanjin and Chinese language related to wushu, students will have a more intuitive understanding of Chinese wushu culture, and personally experience the fitness effect of Chinese traditional regimens.



General Courses 通用课程