Jiujiang University



The 2022 Chinese Bridge Online Exchange Program of Jiujiang University is sponsored by Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education and is organized by Jiujiang University. This project will last for 9 days, students will learn about the culture of Mountain Lu related knowledge via recording and synchronous lectures on Chinese Alliance Platform and Chinese Bridge Group Online Experience Platform. The contents of lecture cover the culture and language. Students are mainly from Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. 120 students are expected to be enrolled in 4 classes. This project aimed to maintain the eagerness of overseas teenagers about learning Chinese and to fulfill their demand of learning Chinese language culture. This project will help overseas students expanding the cognition of Chinese culture and learning the condition of Jiangxi province and Jiujiang city. Students’ enthusiasm about learning Chinese culture will be promoted, and the journey of Chinese cultural exploration will be started through this series of online lectures.



Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程