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2023Hunan University “Chinese Bridge” Online Winter Camp-In the Academy, Chinese Rites


The 2023 Hunan University "Chinese Bridge" online winter camp is mainly aimed at non Chinese students with intermediate or above Chinese proficiency. At the same time, it carefully designs rich language and cultural courses around Chinese traditional culture and Hunan regional development characteristics. The "Chinese Bridge" online winter camp project will be presented in two forms: live classes and recorded classes. The live class includes 7 language classes and 5 cultural experience classes, while the recorded class includes 5 cultural lectures. In the cultural courses, there are not only "Kung Fu Fan", "Xinjiang Dance", "Sichuan Mahjong", "3D Paper Cuttings", "Chinese painting" and other cultural experience courses with unique characteristics and charm, but also specially invited experts and scholars to talk about China's "etiquette culture" around four aspects of "food, clothing, housing and transportation", so that Chinese lovers from all over the world can experience China's history, culture and social status without leaving home while learning Chinese, Perception of a more diverse, three-dimensional, and dynamic China.


Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程