Chongqing Jihua Middle School


The curriculum of this activity takes into account students' actual situations and puts the superior advantages of Chongqing Jihua Middle School to good use, promoting China's intangible cultural heritage and highlighting the features of Bayu culture. Composed of three parts—the cultural, experience and discovery tours, the curriculum integrates theoretical knowledge with practice very well, bringing students interesting, safe and fruitful experiences. 1.Set general courses and highlight the cultural theme on the basis of strengthening language learning. Five language courses including spoken Chinese communication, poetry reading, story retelling, history of Chinese characters and narrative writing are designed to consolidate students' basic competence in Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing. 2.Promote China's intangible cultural heritage, and demonstrate the features of Bayu culture. In terms of cultural and artistic experience, related courses, themed by intangible cultural heritage, mainly focus on local cultural projects of Chongqing. Chongqing possesses 44 items of national-level intangible cultural heritage, which involve nine categories, namely, folk literature, traditional music, traditional dance, traditional drama, Chinese opera, traditional arts, traditional crafts, traditional medicine and folklore. In order to help students not only learn the Chinese language but also experience the traditional arts of China, related courses with both local and national characteristics are added, including items that are suitable for youth, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese martial arts, folklore and other intangible cultural heritage with Chinese characteristics designated by UNESCO. In addition, 11 intangible cultural heritage courses are designed, including ancient papermaking, Youyang hand-waving dance, Xiushan festive lanterns, Dragon Boat Festival customs, folktale, Chinese tai chi fans, suona performance, Chinese calligraphy, Rongchang folding fans, Liangping wood engraving paintings and 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, which promote China's intangible cultural heritage and demonstrate the features of Bayu culture. 3.Launch the "To Discovery Chongqing" cultural tour activity that integrates travel, photography and narration, leading students to experience the daily life of Chongqing people and Bayu culture. Through live streaming, this activity will guide students to Dazu Rock Carvings, Chongqing Bayu Folk-Custom Museum, Liberation Monument, Ciqikou, Hongyadong, through-building metro station Liziba and the night scene of the junction of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River, among other historical and cultural sites and modern civilization achievements of Chongqing, embarking on a journey of discovering and experiencing the rich local customs exclusive to Chongqing and witnessing the development of Chongqing.








General Courses 通用课程