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Dalian University of Foreign Languages 2022 “Chinese Bridge” Online Group Exchange Program – “Chinese Culture” Under the Lens is produced by our school of Journalism and Communication for overseas Chinese learners. This program is designed to integrate language learning and cultural experience, allowing overseas Chinese language learners to learn Chinese through stories rich in traditional Chinese culture so as to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture. In this program, learners can speak Chinese by reading traditional Chinese stories and famous Chinese characters, understand Chinese by listening to Peking Opera hits, listen to Chinese by appreciating cultural knowledge, and learn Chinese by visiting places of interest. The four ways of speaking, understanding, listening, and learning are introduced into the “Chinese Culture” live language class + cultural recording class under the lens. At the same time, the “Chinese elements” experience class (Three Character Classic), the Capping Ceremony culture, Hanfu culture, Huxiang culture, and other courses are also integrated into the four ways. All these ways involve cognitive activities such as perception, attention, memory, and thinking. In this way, we will present a true, multi-dimensional, and panoramic view of China by telling a good story of Chinese culture.


General Courses 通用课程