Dalian University of Foreign Languages


Dalian University of Foreign Languages(DUFL), formerly known as Dalian College of the Japanese Language, was founded in September 1964 under the care of the late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai.It was elevated to Dalian University of Foreign Languages in April 2013. With Virtue and Knowledge, Openness and Diversity as its motto for more than fifty years, DUFL has developed into a multi-disciplinary university distinguished for foreign languages education, offering programs in literature, management, economics, engineering, law, art, and education as well. With an international outlook, DUFL has established collaborative relationships with nearly 200 universities and 20 corporations in more than 30 countries or regions. It is also one of the largest educational bases for overseas students in NortheastChina. To date, DUFL has established 10 Confucius institute in Russian, Japan, South Korea, Columbia, Guyana, Brazil,Armenia, Portugal,Italy and Tunisia. DUFL is a cradle of foreign language talents and a bridge to the world.

大连外国语大学的前身为大连日语专科学校,于1964年在周恩来总理的亲切关怀下成立, 2013年4月更名为大连外国语大学。五十多年来,学校已发展成为以外语为主,以国际化办学为特色,拥有文学、经济学、管理学、工学、法学、艺术学等学科的多科性外国语大学。



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