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The Manchu minority has the second largest population among Chinese ethnic minorities. Manchu people mainly resident in the three northeastern provinces which are Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang and regions like Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Beijing and other places. Manchu culture has a rich connotation of traditional cultural symbols, with its own typical cultural characteristics and spiritual connotations, reflecting the wisdom and aesthetics of Manchu people. Manchu culture is an integral part of Chinese culture. In-depth exploration of the essence of Manchu culture also has profound socio-historical and cultural significance. Main content Manchu handicraft techniques such as Manchu paper-cutting in Jilin have its unique characteristics. It is not only rich in content, simple in shape and pattern, exquisite and accurate modeling, it also attracts numerous people with the magnitude of greatness and simplicity of the ancient charm. The project will guide students to understand the relevant regional folk characteristics and guide students to embrace the cultural heritage through the Manchu Culture Museum. Manchu embroidery is an excellent cultural heritage of the Chinese people, and there are still a lot of masterpieces and fine works in the folklore, which need to be excavated, collected, organized and studied. In addition, the common use of the cheongsam is a kind of ancient Chinese knot, using cloth coiled into a variety of patterns, known as pan flowers. These skills are now slowly being revived and developed through the joint efforts of Manchu craftsmen.



满族的手工技艺富有特色,如吉林的满族剪纸,不但内容丰富,且造型简洁,纹样古朴,不求精致、准确的造型,而以博大恢弘的气度和朴拙古茂的神韵取胜。项目会引导学生了解相关的地域民俗特色,通过满族文化博物馆,感受文化传承。满族补绣是中华民族优秀的文化遗产, 至今在民间仍保留着大量佳作和精品,急待我们去挖掘、收集、整理和研究。另外,旗袍上常用的盘花扣是古老中国结的一种,用布条盘织成各种花样,称为盘花。这些技艺在满族手艺人的共同努力下,目前慢慢得到复苏与发展。

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