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Viaje a través de la cultura china: la gastronomía china


“To the Country people is all-important, and to the people foodstuff is all-important,” goes the Chinese saying. Chinese food culture holds a long history as well as profound content. The Four Cuisines are of the most famous regional food schools in China. Today’s video will give you an introduction concerning history of the Four Cuisines, their features and their cooking techniques and show you the simple yet complicated procedures of cooking some representative dishes.

“国以民为本,民以食为天”。中华饮食文化源远流长、博大精深,“四大菜系”是其最为驰名的地方菜肴流派。该视频将带你了解 “四大菜系”的历史、特点与烹制技艺,展现代表菜品简单而不失复杂的烹饪过程。

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