Jinan Vocational College


Jinan Vocational College (JNVC) is located in Jinan, capital of Shandong Province and the beautiful city of springs. It is a full-time higher vocational college established with the approval of People's Government of Shandong Province and with record by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE). The history of JNVC dates back to Jinan Educational College established in 1952. Over the past 70 years, guided by its motto “Improve virtue and learning; Strengthen abilities and skills”, JNVC has kept innovating to foster virtue through education, and is widely recognized by the whole society. It is ranked second in the Shandong higher vocational college evaluation, and is selected as national key higher vocational college and national high-quality vocational college. It is one of “Shuanggao Project” (the project to establish high-level higher vocational colleges and majors with Chinese characteristics) colleges which only 15 colleges in Shandong Province and 197 in the whole country are listed. The comprehensive strength of JNVC tops the list among higher vocational colleges countrywide.


Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程