Linyi University is located in Linyi, Shandong, an ecological city famous for its history and culture in the waterfront area, which is entitled as a national civilized city. It is a comprehensive university that allows the coordinated development of multiple disciplines, with distinctive features. It was founded as an anti-Japanese military and political college in 1941, and underwent many times of removal and mergence, changing its name for several times, including multiple stages, such as the Binhai Jianguo College, Linyi No.1 Normal University, Linyi Teacher Further Education College, Linyi Education College, Linyi Normal Training College, Linyi Normal College, etc. The undergraduate phase disciplines were set up in 1998. In 2010, the university was approved by the Ministry of Education to change its name as Linyi University, and was recognized as an authorization unit of master's degrees. The floor area of the university is about 6000 mu. Branch campuses are set in Yishui and Feixian, with the total area of more than 1.14 million square meters. At present, the university has 26 colleges, 5 university-level scientific research institutions, 5 teaching auxiliary institutions, 5 subordinate agencies, 76 undergraduate majors and 11 discipline categories. Currently, there are 4 authorized first-level master disciplines, 11 authorized master degrees, recruiting students nationwide. There are more than 42000 full-time on-campus students and more than 2700 full-time teachers.

临沂大学坐落在历史文化名城、商贸物流之都、滨水生态之城、全国文明城市—山东省临沂市,是一所多学科协调发展、特色鲜明的综合性大学,前身是1941年建设的抗大式学校,后多次迁徙合并,校名几度更迭,历经滨海建国学院、临沂第一师范、临沂教师进修学校、临沂教育学院、临沂师专、临沂师范学院等发展阶段,1998年开始本科办学,2010年经教育部批准更名为临沂大学,2018年获批硕士学位授权单位。学校占地约6000亩,在沂水、费县设分校区,校舍面积114余万平方米,现设有26个学院、5个校级科研机构、5个教辅机构和5个直属机构, 76个本科专业,涵盖11大学科门类。目前设有4个硕士授权一级学科、11个硕士专业学位授权类别,面向全国招生,全日制在校生42000多人,专任教师2700多人。

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