Liming Vocational University


Liming Vocational University (LMU) is a full-time multi-discipline institution of higher vocational education funded by Quanzhou Municipal People's Government. As one of the only 9 renowned higher vocational institutions that are allowed to bear the name of “vocational university”, it has been included in Construction Plan of High-Level Vocational Colleges & Specialties with Chinese Characteristics and honored as National High-Quality Vocational Colleges, and reigned as No. 1 for five consecutive years in the comprehensive ranking of development potential of Higher Vocational Colleges in Fujian Province. What’s more, LMU is also among the tops nationwide by virtue of its educational capacity and quality. LMU is open to the world and welcomes students across the globe to study and exchange with us.


Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程