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学校与近20个国家和地区的60多所高校、机构签署了校际合作协议。自 2018年起,学校开始招收海外留学生,累计招收来自越南、缅甸、马来西亚、菲律宾、印度、印尼、韩国、老挝等8个国家的留学生134名。我们面向世界敞开大门,欢迎各国留学生到黎园学习交流。

Liming Vocational University (LMU) is a full-time multi-discipline institution of higher vocational education funded by Quanzhou Municipal People's Government. As one of the only 9 renowned higher vocational institutions that are allowed to bear the name of “vocational university”, it has been included in Construction Plan of High-Level Vocational Colleges & Specialties with Chinese Characteristics and honored as National High-Quality Vocational Colleges, and reigned as No. 1 for five consecutive years between 2016 and 2020 in the comprehensive ranking of development potential of Higher Vocational Colleges in Fujian Province. What’s more, LMU is also among the tops nationwide by virtue of its educational capacity and quality.

Covering an area of 751 mu, LMU now has more than 16,000 full-time registered students, above 700 teaching staff and beyond 200 teachers with senior professional titles, 9 schools in recruitment with 49 majors, including School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, School of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, School of Business, School of Culture Communication, School of Information and Electronic Engineering, School of Foreign Languages and Tourism, School of New Materials and Shoes & Clothing Engineering, School of Light Industry and School of Aeronautics, forming a professional layout focused on applied engineering and modern productive services. Advocating the equal importance of imparting basic knowledge and fostering professional skills, LMU urges students to develop professional quality and accumulate professional skills, and integrates the education of professional spirit, vocational ethic and craftsmanship spirit into the whole process of talent cultivation. Till now, more than 60,000 qualified talents have graduated from LMU.

LMU has signed inter-school cooperation agreements with more than 60 colleges and universities in nearly 20 countries and regions. Since 2018, LMU has begun to enroll overseas students. A total of 134 international students from 8 countries including Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, South Korea and Laos have been recruited. LMU is open to the world and welcomes students across the globe to study and exchange with us.