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Build a bridge of skills exchange between China and foreign countries, and start the experience journey of Chinese + drone installation skills


The UAV( unmanned aerial vehicle) Application Technology Major of Shandong Polytechnic College, relying on the construction of the school's intelligent manufacturing brand professional group, has been established since 2015. In 2017,it officially started recruiting process. With more than 200 students every year, Shandong Polytechnic College currently has become the first vocational college in Shandong Province to offer drone majors. Effective practice has been carried out in the innovation of the talent training mode, curriculum system construction and teaching model reform. The teaching achievement, Exploration and Practice of "3-2-2" Talent Training Model for the UAV Application Technology Major in Higher Vocational Colleges, won the second prize in National Aviation Steering Committee in 2018; another achievement, New majors, New Platforms, and New Paths—Exploration and Practice of UAV Application Technology Majors in Higher Vocational Colleges, won the first prize in 2020. Our college presided over the development of the teaching and guidance plan for the application of drones in higher vocational colleges in Shandong Province, and more than a dozen vocational colleges and well-known enterprises and institutions in the industry inside and outside the province were convened to participate; besides, we hosted the National Aviation Vocational College UAV Application Innovation Skills Competition for two consecutive years, in which our students won 21 awards with 7 first prizes included. In 2019, serving as the chairman unit of the National UAV Vocational Education and Teaching Resources Construction Committee hosted by the Machinery Industry Press, our college undertook the research of the project "Guidance Report on Talent Demand in UAV Industry and Professional Setting of Vocational Colleges" entrusted by the Institute of Vocational and Technical Education Center of the Ministry of Education. In accordance with the principle of "complementary advantages, co-construction and sharing, and win-win development", our college and enterprises jointly built an on-campus production training base for drones, a light drone pilot license training base, and a dedicated flight airspace for drone skills training. Now our college has become the training base of China Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA-China). We also jointly established the Dajiang Huifei (UTC) UAV Application Technology Training Center Jining Taibai Lake Branch, systematically created a new platform for UAV Application Technology Professional education, and jointly carried out the research and development and production of UAV models; The company's real drone production projects, corporate culture, and corporate management systems are fully integrated into the teaching, providing students with a real workplace atmosphere.

山东理工职业学院无人机应用技术专业依托本校智能制造品牌专业群建设,从2015年开始筹建,2017年正式以无人机应用技术专业开始招生,目前在校生200余人,是山东省最早开设无人机专业的高职院校。在无人机人才培养模式创新、课程体系建设、教学模式改革等方面均进行了有效实践。设计并实施的高职无人机应用技术专业“三二二”人才培养模式探索与实践,2018年获全国航空行指委教学成果二等奖; “新专业、新平台、新路径——高职无人机应用技术专业探索与实践”,2020年获全国航空行指委教学成果奖一等奖;主持开发了山东省高职无人机应用技术专业教学指导方案,召集了省内外十多所职业院校和多家行业内知名企业机构参加;连续两年承办全国航空职业院校无人机应用创新技能大赛,学生在全国航空职业院校无人机技能创新大赛中获奖21项,其中一等奖7项。2019年担任由机械工业出版社主办的全国无人机职业教育教学资源建设委员会主任委员单位,承担教育部职业技术教育中心研究所委托项目《无人机行业人才需求与职业院校专业设置指导报告》的研制工作。


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