Harbin Vocational & Technical College



Relying on the ice and snow characteristic tourism and cultural and historical background of Harbin, taking advantage of the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China and the professional advantages of cross-border e-commerce in border trade, this program adopts mature cloud platform, AI intelligent technology and advanced training equipment to demonstrate China with great beauty and science and technology from multiple angles, all directions and three dimensions; Secondly, based on HVTC high-quality vocational education resources and experience courses with rich scientific, technological and cultural characteristics, students can understand the long history and culture of this famous city in the north and master advanced theoretical knowledge of equipment manufacturing and modern logistics; Thirdly, adopting the educational concept of “Chinese + TVET” and focusing on the practical situational Chinese teaching contents, this program designs the teaching contents of Chinese for Industries in Electrical Automation Technology, Mechatronics Technology, Industrial Transmission & Control Technology, Welding Technology & Automation, E-commerce, Logistics Management and other fields. The program will promote the internationalization of China’s vocational education by enabling students to learn short words and phrases, read “intensive and extensive literatures” and understand the educational characteristics of China’s industry norms; Fourthly, this program will invite well-known experts to provide colorful thematic lectures, through which topics such as economic development, people’s livelihood, employment as well as cultural integration that are concerned by B&R participating countries and countries where China’s vocational education going are incorporated into students’ reflections and discussions in a way to realize the application of Chinese Learning . Fifthly, this program will build an information platform for real-time interactive communication and sustainable development for students, provide advanced value information channels for students and practitioners of relevant majors, and release effective information such as training, academic improvement and technical consultation for students through the information platform.


Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程