Harbin Vocational & Technical College


Harbin Vocational & Technical College (shortened as HVTC hereafter) is a comprehensive higher vocational college, which is directly under Harbin Municipal Government, taking initiatives in serving equipment manufacturing and modern service industries. The College passed the acceptance of 100 National Backbone Higher Vocational Colleges approved by China’s Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance in 2016 with excellent grade. In 2019, it was approved as the construction unit of High-level Higher Vocational Colleges with Chinese characteristics. With the goal of building the College into a strong vocational college with Chinese characteristics, HVTC has remained committed to the socialist orientation in running college and the leadership of the CPC. It adheres to principles of establishing moral values and cultivating talents, serving for the development, promoting employment and determining the college running orientation in a scientific way as follows: Firstly, the college running concept is positioned as “integration of industry and education, diversified sharing and combined innovation”; Secondly, the training goal is to cultivate international and high-quality technical and skilled talents with noble professional ethics, excellent professional quality, solid professional theory, superb professional skills and innovative and entrepreneurial ability; Thirdly, the college running mode is positioned as the characteristic “intelligent workshop” mode; Fourthly, the campus culture is positioned as the culture of hard work and entrepreneurship in the cold land with “ploughing in the cold land, working hard and striving for self-improvement”; Fifthly, the college running characteristics are positioned as “focusing on industries, comprehensive development, opening education and serving local industries”.


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