Changchun Polytechnic



This project relies on the equipment manufacturing industry to carry out Chinese teaching and vocational experience. With the basic professional courses as the medium, the Chinese knowledge teaching of "Manufacturing Industry" is implemented. Through various forms such as live courses and recorded lectures, students can intuitively experience the rapid development, innovative vitality, and cultural charm of China's economy and society. This project designs three modules of characteristic courses of "Chinese + Mechanical Design and Manufacturing". 1. Scenario Application Language Course Module By developing seven application scenarios, including "Made in China, Graphic Design, Color Scheme, Mechanical Structure, CNC Machine Tool, CNC Tool, and Electrical Element", the course module will enhance the students' Chinese foundation in the "Manufacturing Industry" category and enhance their understanding of Chinese language application, especially in mechanical design and manufacturing scenarios. 2.Made in China Culture Course Module Through the "Cloud Tour" of Jilin's characteristic industries such as "High-speed Railway 'Fuxing', characteristic venue 'Jilin Science and Technology Museum', and characteristic landmark ' Industrial Trajectory Park ', the course module will improve students’ interest in learning Chinese, increase their understanding of China's actual condition, and promote the export of Chinese culture and our cultural exchanges with other countries. 3. Experiencing Advanced Technology Course Module Focusing on the features and characteristics of contemporary Chinese manufacturing industry, we will develop experiential courses to show China's achievements in five advanced manufacturing technologies, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV), Industrial Robots, 3D Printing Technology, Rail Vehicles, and Artificial Intelligence(AI), which will make students experience the design and creativity of Chinese manufacturing more intuitively, and experience the power of Made in China.









General Courses 通用课程