Weihai Ocean Vocational College



Experience of China‘s Marine Science, technology and culture


This course focuses on the inheritance and development of China's Marine Science, technology and culture, and mainly covers three parts: First, communicative Chinese and professional Chinese. According to the concept of "Chinese + vocational skills", the teaching materials are prepared with the background of foreign students of relevant majors coming to China for communication, which not only covers the basic Chinese in daily communication, but also includes the industrial Chinese content of relevant majors in the field of intelligent manufacturing, so as to help students become compound talents with both Chinese language ability and professional and technical skills. Second, the curriculum system of the combination of theme course lectures and cloud visits. Keynote lectures include Jiaodong Peninsula marine folk culture, Jiaodong fisherman culture, etc; Cloud visits include campus visits to Weihai Marine Vocational College, cruise tours, ocean ranches, island tours, etc. Third, expand practice and cloud operation. Including cloud operation and cloud practice of various robots and marine technology equipment.





Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程