Guilin Tourism University


The camp aims to offer opportunities for Indonesian college students to further understand the cultural characteristics of China, to improve their Chinese language proficiency and their understanding of Chinese culture, and to strengthen Indonesian college students' understanding and recognition of contemporary China. The program focuses on the learning experience of Chinese language and Chinese talents, integrating the landscape of Guangxi and minority culture. In a distinctive "edutainment" teaching style, we offer courses such as Chinese Culture, Chinese Contemporary Economy, Chinese Classics Reading, Chinese Martial Arts, Folk Music, Chinese Painting and Traditional Handicrafts. Overall, this camp promotes the inheritance of Chinese culture, the mutual learning of Chinese and foreign civilizations, and the diversity and fun of activities, so as to achieve the "Four Goals" (learning a song, a set of Tai Chi, a painting, a handicraft).


Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程