Zhejiang Sci-Tech University(ZSTU) boasts a long history of over 120 years. It is a key university of Zhejiang, China with distinct characteristics and highlighted advantages: ZSTU is one of the host institutions under Chinese Government Scholarship Programs to recruit outstanding international students. The university boasts 18 schools (teaching and research department) and one independent college, and a population of over 34,000 full-time students among whom there are over 6,400 graduate students. It boasts 58 undergraduate programs, 6 first-level disciplines authorized to confer doctoral degree and 25 first-level disciplines authorized to confer master degree.Three disciplines, namely Chemistry, Materials science, and Engineering are among the top 0.5% disciplines according to the ESI (Essential Science Indicators) global ranking. It is recognized as “the famous fashion institution of China” by China Fashion Association. It has established partnership with over 150 universities and scientific research institutions from 46 countries and areas. It has set up two Confucius Institutes with University of Mauritius and Anton de Kom University of Suriname.Silk culture has a long tradition and a strong atmosphere at ZSTU. Founded in 1897 as Sericulture Academy, ZSTU is one of the earliest silk textiles educational institutions ever established in China. Now as a vice-chairman member of the International Silk Union, ZSTU boasts the International Silk Institute, offering the only silk design and engineering Bachelor’s program in China.The beautiful garden-like campus of over 140 hectares brings facility on study and living, with well-equipped laboratories, library, hospital, activity center, gymnasium, cafeterias, dormitory, etc.


中国政府奖学金来华留学生接收院校。学校有18个学院(教研部), 1所独立学院,在校全日制学生超过34000名其中研究生6400余名。开设58个本科专业,博士学位授权一级学科6个,硕士学位授权一级学科25个。化学、材料科学、工程学3个学科进入ESI全球排名前0.5%。被誉为“中国著名时装学府”。和全球46个国家,超过150所院校和研究所建立合作关系。与毛里求斯大学、苏里南大学分别共建孔子学院。丝绸文化传统悠久,氛围浓厚。前身蚕学馆是中国最早的纺织丝绸教育机构,现为国际丝绸联盟副主席单位,设有国际丝绸学院,开设中国唯一的丝绸设计与工程专业。超过140公顷的花园式美丽校园拥有配套齐全的实验室、图书馆、医院、活动中心、体育馆、餐厅、宿舍等,为学习和生活提供了便利。

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