Xi’an Shiyou University



Looking at the Silk Road in Chang’an, Focusing on the Future of Energy

瞭望丝路长安 聚焦能源未来

Xi'an is the starting point city of the Silk Road and the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties. The project highlights the school's location advantage in Shaanxi's major energy province and the discipline advantages of colleges and universities in the petroleum industry, and tells the story of China and the development of petroleum. This course is divided into five parts: "Beautiful Chinese", "Impression of the Ancient City", "Silk Road Construction", "Energy Cooperation" and "Cross-cultural Exchange". On the basis of language learning, understand the historical context and cultural heritage of the ancient city of Xi'an, experience the local customs and customs; understand the rise and fall of the ancient Silk Road and the proposal and development of the "Belt and Road" initiative; understand the development process of China's oil industry, and Development and construction of modern oil companies, technological innovation and international cooperation; learning to deal with the discomfort caused by cultural conflicts.


General Courses 通用课程