Sichuan International Studies University


Sichuan International Studies University (SISU) is located in Chongqing. One of SISU’s most acclaimed features is its beautiful campus at the foot of Gele Mountain by the Jialing River. Its avenues and streets are lined with evergreen trees, so that its campus imperceptibly blends in with tree-covered rolling hills above it. Its facilities have been designed to complement the natural beauty of its serene environment, and it is in many respects an ecological miniature of the mountainous city where it issituated. Making full use of its advantages in foreign language education, SISU develops related disciplines, such as literature, economics, management, law, pedagogy, philosophy and the liberal arts. It is engaged in education of different levels and in different forms, embracing post-graduate education, undergraduate education, doctoral education,international student education and continuing education. Inter-college exchanges have been established between SISU and about 100 universities around the world. SISU receives more than 400 overseas students, more than 70 foreign teachers, more than 100 expatriate teachers and more than 600 students every year.




Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程