Jiangsu Normal University


Xuzhou-based Jiangsu Normal University (JSNU) was founded in 1952. It is jointly sponsored and administrated by the China’s Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province. JSNU has 22 colleges and schools, offering 59 undergraduate programs and 35 master’s programs at the first layer of Chinese disciplines categories, one doctorate program, covering 11 categories of disciplines. JSNU has 6 provincial dominant disciplines, and 12 provincial key disciplines. And its disciplines of engineering, chemistry and materials science ranked top 1% worldwide in ESI Rankings. 4 subjects are listed on Academic Ranking World Universities based in Shanghai Jiaotong University , 16 subjects are among the best in China.The university faculties have published 22 papers in Science, Nature, PNAS and other world top journals. From 2018 the Nature Index of the university was ranked among “Top 100 of Chinese Mainland Universities”. According to the 2022 U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities Rankings, JSNU ranked the 940th globally and the 94th on China’s mainland.

江苏师范大学成立于1952年,位于江苏省徐州市,现是江苏省政府和中国教育部共建高校。学校设有22个专业学院,59个本科招生专业,35个一级学科硕士点,1个服务国家特殊需求博士人才培养项目,覆盖11个学科门类。学校现有6个省优势学科、12个省重点学科,化学、工程学、材料科学学科进入ESI排名前1%, 4个学科入榜2020“软科世界一流学科排名”,16个学科入榜2020“软科中国最好学科排名”。发表Science、Nature、PNAS等国际一流期刊论文22篇。自然指数(Nature Index)连续三年进入“中国内地高校Top100”。学校列2022年U.S. News世界大学排行榜全球大学第940位,中国(内地)大学第94位。

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