Eastern LiaoNing University


Eastern Liaoning University is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea and the Yalu River, and lies in Dandong city, Liaoning Province, the largest and most beautiful border city in China, which is renowned as "a hero city" and "a northern city as gorgeous as the southern area of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River". It is the only basic provincial public university with the geographical advantages of being along the river, along the coast and along the border. It is listed in the first batch of pilot colleges and universities for transformation and development in Liaoning province, and has won the reputations as the demonstration university of Entrepreneurship Education in Liaoning province, a member of the Association of Chinese Universities of applied Science, the national KAB entrepreneurship education base for university students, the national characteristic university for national defense education, the third batch of the cooperative universities of the innovation base for Industry-Education Integration between the Ministry of Education and Zhongxing Telecom Equipment ICT, and the member of University-Enterprise Collaboration Innovation and Development Alliance of the Ministry of Education.


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