Central China Normal University


Central China Normal University was founded in 1903 and is located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, a thoroughfare of nine provinces. It is situated on Guizi Hill on the shore of Nanhu Lake in Wuchang. As one of the universities on the list of 211 National Education Priority Project, Central China Normal University is highly recognized as an important base for cultivating brilliant talents for the country and a superior training center for excellent teachers in higher learning institutions and high schools. The university has 28 teaching and research units,which has formed a complete higher education system from undergraduates to master's, doctoral to post-doctoral students. There are currently more than 31,000 full-time students, including over 18,500 undergraduates, 12,000 graduate students, and more than 1,100 international students. Central China Normal University is one of the first schools to accept international students and is qualified to accept students under the Chinese government scholarship. The China Scholarship Council also assigned Central China Normal University as a fundamental training center for preparatory studies for international students coming to China. At the same time, it is one of the national "Chinese Education Fundamental Centers" approved by the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee. In 2017, the university received certification for international students instruction from the Ministry of Education. The university actively carries out foreign academic, technological, and cultural exchanges with more than 150 universities and scientific research institutions in more than 70 countries and regions, including the United States, Russia, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea. And the international students from 140 countries around the world come to our university to study and pursue further studies.



华中师范大学是最早接收国际学生的学校之一,是中国留学基金委来华留学预科生培养基地之一,是中央统战部批准的国家级“华文教育基地单位”之一,于 2017 年通过教育部来华留学教育认证。学校积极开展对外学术、科技和文化交流,先后与美国、俄罗斯、加拿大、法国、英国、澳大利亚、日本、印尼、韩国等 70 多个国家和地区的 150 多所高校及科研机构建立了密切的学术联系,全球有来自 140个国家的国际学生来校学习、深造。

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