“Chinese Bridge” –“Along with You”Online Program

“汉语桥” —“译路同行”西安翻译学院线上团组交流项目

To fit into the new situation of the international education under the global epidemic and keep the overseas young people’s passion to learn and understand current China so as to enhance their understanding of Chinese and foreign language and culture and the communication of Chinese and foreign language education, Xi’an Fanyi University develop a new online course. It is designed with an online program with the theme of “Along with You”. Here is a brief introduction to the program. 1. Topic of the program: Chinese Bridge –“Along with You”Online Program 2. The theme of the program: It is aimed at make a profound introduction of special lecture about Xi’an City and XFU.It would spread Chinese language and culture and publicize the future development tendency of the starting point of the Road of Silk——Xi’an, XFUers will tell the Chinese story by showing the new view of Xi’an and our camps, so as to enhance the friendship, understanding and mutual-trust between the Chinese and foreign young people. 3. Course arrangement: This is a four-week online professional lecture and Chinese cultural education from November 15-December 15, 2021. Relevant teachers of Xi’an Fanyi University are invited to carefully prepare the course with the current hot spots and frontier fields are selected, so as to provide direct and convenient teaching materials for the course. It is composed of topics (including the introduction and sightseeing of Xi’an and our camps,the profound meaning of Zhongnan Culture and so on).Courses of Chinese culture (Chinese traditional festivals, tea and food, clothing, folk crafts,folk songs and so on).Courses of Chinese Language(Listening,Speaking,Reading and Compenhensive). 4.Enrolment of Students: Over 60 students have been recruited by the program, and they are from Russia,Korea,Japan,Hungary and anothe countries. Students would not know about the traditional Chinese culture but also know more about the development landscape of Xi’an through these courses, so that they could become the cultural disseminators between China and foreign countries and good Chinese story-teller.


1.项目主题:汉语桥 —“译路同行”西安翻译学院线上团组交流项目


3.课程安排:该项目将于 2021 年 11 月 15 日—12 月 15 日进行为期四周的线上专业讲座和汉语文化教学。邀请西安翻译学院对外汉语专业、外语专业、终南学社等知名教授、学者授课。项目课程包括专题讲座(城市介绍、景点观光、校园游览、终南文化);中国文化课程(中国传统节日、茶艺、美食、服饰、手工制作、民歌欣赏等);国际中文课程(发展汉语口语、听力、读写、综合)。

4.生源情况:本项目已招收学员 60 余人,来自俄罗斯、韩国、日本、匈牙利等国家。希望学员们通过学习相关课程,丰富多彩的活动,体验中国文化,了解当代中国,能够成为知华、友华、爱华并能促进“一带一路”中外交流合作的国际人才和传播中国声音的“友好使者”。

General Courses 通用课程