Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance


Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance is a full-time general higher education institution offering distinctive accounting and finance programs. It was formed in June 2016 by amalgamating Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce and Shanghai Finance University. The name "Lixin" comes from a saying from the Analects of Confucius, "Without credibility, you won’t have a place in the world." The history of the University can be traced back to 1928, when Pan Xulun, a famous educator and accountant honored as the “Father of Modern Accounting in China” founded Lixin Accounting School.

上海立信会计金融学院是一所会计、金融特色鲜明的公办全日制普通高等学校,由原上海立信会计学院和原上海金融学院于2016年6月合并组建而成。“立信”之名源自《论语》“民无信不立”。 学校起源于著名教育家、会计学家、“中国现代会计之父”潘序伦先生1928年创办的立信教育事业。在90多年的办学历史中,学校被业界誉为中国现代会计教育的发祥地之一和未来金融家摇篮。

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