Shanxi University Of Finance And Economics


Founded in 1951, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (SXUFE) enjoys a long history, with distinctive features. SXUFE is located in Taiyuan City, the capital of Shanxi province and a famous historical and cultural city in China, also known as the “dragon city”. In September 1958, the five cadre schools were merged into one college, namely, Shanxi College of Finance and Economics (SXCFE).In December 1984, Shanxi College of Economic Management (SXCEM) was established. In October 1997, SXUFE was instituted with the merging of SXCFE and SXCEM. Over the past 70 years, SXUFE, promoting education and culture, has supplied over 220 thousand talents with different expertise to various sectors of the society, making a great contribution to national and local social and economic development.

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