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Themed Chinese Language plus Climate Action, an online exchange program hosted by Center for Language Education and Cooperation of Ministry of Education of China, Chinese Bridge 2022 Online Exchange Program at Liaocheng University opens in November, 2022. You are welcome to join us to learn practical Chinese language, jointly address global climate change, and share the prospects of green and sustainable development as a shared future for all human beings. Students admitted to this online exchange program can, upon their full attendance to all courses as specified and completion of all assignments and/or interaction activities as required, receive a total of 2 (TWO) credit hours in line with International Student Program of Liaocheng University. Students receiving this credit hour bonus can ask for supporting documents from Liaocheng University, or equate this credit hour bonus when they choose to study in Liaocheng University within 3 years since the end of this online program. Outstanding participants will be awarded further certificates for their academic performance. Non-native Chinese speakers, who are interested in Chinese language and climate change, regardless of nationality or age. Priority is given to the Confucius Institutes co-established with Liaocheng University and LCU’s global partners, and international youths from Pacific island countries, in particular Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, Micronesia, Fiji, and Vanuatu. If the number of applicants exceeds the enrollment plan, priority will be given to young people with a certain Chinese language proficiency.

快乐学习中文,积极应对气变。由教育部中外语言交流合作中心主办、聊城大学承办的2022年“汉语桥”线上团组交流项目(中文 + 应对气候变化)欢迎海外青少年线上学习实用汉语知识,共同应对气候变化,共享绿色可持续发展文明成果。



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