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Themed Chinese Language plus the Grand Canal, Chinese Bridge 2023 Online Exchange Program at Liaocheng University opens in March, 2023. You are welcome to join us to learn practical Chinese online, experience the wonderful Chinese culture of the Grand Canal, and perceive the customs of different regions in China. Students admitted to this online exchange program can, upon their full attendance to all courses as specified and completion of all assignments and/or interaction activities as required, receive a total of 2 (TWO) credit hours either on Chinese language or Chinese culture courses in line with International Student Program of Liaocheng University. Students receiving this credit hour bonus can ask for supporting documents from Liaocheng University, or equate this credit hour bonus when they choose to study in Liaocheng University within 3 years since the end of this online program. Liaocheng University reserves all the rights to the final interpretation of the above mentioned credit hour bonus. Outstanding participants will be awarded certificates for their academic performance. Non-native Chinese speakers, who are interested in Chinese language and culture, regardless of country or age, are welcome to join us in this program. Priority is given to students in the Confucius Institutes co-established with Liaocheng University and international education partners abroad,who love Chinese and are interested in the history and culture of the Grand Canal. If the number of applicants exceeds the enrollment plan, priority will be given to young people with a certain Chinese proficiency.




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