Heilongjiang University



This program provides participants with distinctive and interesting courses of language skill-training and culture-experiencing. Students can enrich their knowledge of Chinese through the fun language-learning activities. Through our online program, participants can master the techniques of learning Chinese grammar as well as vocabularies and sentences needed for conversation about topics in daily life. By learning Chinese characters and Chinese culture, participants get to know how Chinese people think and cognize things. Learning the basic Chinese character structure as well as phonetic symbols and semantic symbols can get students prepared before they need to expand their vocabulary and understand Chinese characters or words in the future. By learning and practicing Chinese’s pronunciation, students can speak Chinese more naturally. With more confidence to speak Chinese, they can be more motivated to learn Chinese. Among our fun language-learning activities are watching Chinese classic animation films, listening to and singing Chinese songs. These activities familiarize them with Chinese cultural elements, attract them to learn Chinese and boost their interest in Chinese culture and Chinese language learning.



General Courses 通用课程