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SWUFE “Chinese Bridge” Delegation Online Program is themed “China-Indonesia Delegation for Cross Culture Exchange Talents”. The program is hosted by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation(CLEC) and undertaken by the Southwest University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE), running for 2 weeks from December 10, 2022 to December 23, 2022. With consideration given to the in-depth integration of language learning and cultural experience, the courses featuring Chinese traditional culture, business Chinese, and business etiquette experience are delivered in an interactive and multi-dimensional way. The customer-tailored courses include General Chinese, Business Chinese, Traditional Chinese medicine culture, Appreciation of Chinese and Southeast Asian pop music, Dining culture between China and Indonesia, Sichuan brocade culture, Chinese tea culture, Appreciation of Chinese classical dance, etc. Live-streaming classes or recorded courses via online platforms such as VooV Meeting and the official website of Chinese Bridge are provided. Meanwhile, we provide videos, online tutoring and Q&A services, attempting to better help students get immersed in Chinese classes and Chinese culture. In this program, students may see a kaleidoscope of the unique culture of Chengdu and a more diverse and prosperous China without leaving home.



Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程