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2021-2022 Hunan University “Chinese Bridge” Online Winter Camp


Combining online live broadcast and recorded broadcast, the 2021-2022 Hunan University "Chinese Bridge" Online Winter Camp is mainly targeted at non-Chinese students with intermediate-level Chinese language proficiency or above. Online live broadcast course takes language and Cultural Experience as the main content, while recorded broadcast will focus on the poverty alleviation of Hunan University's counterpart Baishuidong Village, include the overall situation of Baishuidong Village, Human settlement construction poverty alleviation projects, education poverty alleviation projects, and industrial poverty alleviation projects. The whole recorded broadcast will exhibit the changes that local people have experienced in recent years in terms of housing, production, education, employment, and cultural tradition preservation with the joint efforts of Hunan University and the local government. The broadcast will enable Chinese language lovers to learn Chinese, and to understand the poverty alleviation and rural vitalization undertaking in various parts of China through the exploring of what happened in Baishuidong Village.


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