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To celebrate the 20th anniversary upon the signing of the China-Russia Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation.The Institute of International Business Chinese Education and Resource Development(Beijing) of UIBE,based on its advantage of first-class disciplines and high-level teacher resource, has organized the “Long live the Russia-China Friendship”—2021 Chinese Bridge Online Camp at UIBE.It is going to provide Chinese learning enthusiasts in Russia a wonderful yet unforgettable online Chinese learning experience, which will last for 7 days, from Oct. 23 to Oct.31,2021 We’ve invited a number of experts and scholars in the fields of economy, trade and international relations to give professional and profound high-end lectures on the hot topics such as the "Chinese economy", "poverty alleviation battle "and " China-US trade war ". The lectures will be hold online, in the hope to help students learn about China's economic development, social progress and life changes. We’ve also prepared Chinese courses to explain the latest changes in the HSK test and try to solve the difficulties of Chinese learning for the Russian students , which is undoubtedly another precious opportunity to further improve their Chinese proficiency. We have also organized UIBE students major in Russian and others to hold online exchange meetings with Russian students online, aiming to promote the youth’s friendship between Russia and China. In addition, to make up for the pity that the Russian students could not come to China themselves due to the pandemic, we’ve made two videos for this online camp,with the first perspective, they are made for the students to experience the real and live Chinese life. Last but not least, we also has another online course of "Primary Business Chinese" for students to learn by themselves,it is great for learners to expand their business Chinese vocabulary, improve learners' Chinese proficiency and practical application ability, and facilitate students to have a preliminary understanding of Chinese business knowledge and business etiquette.The course is divided into four themes: Business Travel, Business Contact, Business Visit and Business Banquet; Each subject lasts for 1 hour.



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