Zhejiang Normal University



This group is "Chinese ancient village freshmen" Zhejiang experience cloud learning experience camp. Around the protection and utilization of ancient Chinese villages, there are roughly two parts of the learning content: one is language learning; The second is to travel to ancient villages. The language course mainly studies words, appellations and customs related to Chinese rural life. Travel ancient villages, through the form of online courses, teachers while introducing, watching the scenery of ancient villages, introducing the protection and utilization of ancient villages, so as to understand the unique charm of ancient villages in China. The group enrolls students who love Chinese culture, are interested in understanding Chinese traditional culture, and are interested in studying in China. Through the study of Chinese Bridge language and related courses, they will not only improve their Chinese language proficiency, understand the protection and utilization of ancient Chinese villages and advanced experience, but also contribute to promoting cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and promoting the construction of the Belt and Road.



General Courses 通用课程