Tianjin Foreign Studies University



Tianjin Foreign Studies University is a university with comprehensive foreign language programs and is collaboratively developed in multiple disciplines with distinct characteristics. “Welcome to Tianjin” Online Seminar for European Students of Non-General Language Speaking Countries is a special Chinese language learning and cultural experience program designed to further promote culture exchange between Chinese and foreign students, show Tianjin to the world and create a good cultural atmosphere for the long-term development of friendly relations between China and European countries along the “Belt and Road”. The online seminar will provide students with Comprehensive Chinese courses, Chinese courses on Special Topics, introductory courses into various aspects of Chinese and Tianjin culture (such as Tianjin Traditional Cultural Street, Five Avenues, the Haihe River, “Go Believe” steamed stuffed buns, etc.), as well as rich and colorful cultural experience and practical activities (such as Chinese culture overview, student Vlog production, etc.). Upon completion of all live and prerecorded courses, Tianjin Foreign Studies University will issue the participant a certificate of completion.

天津外国语大学是一所主要外语语种齐全,多学科协调发展、特色鲜明的高等学校。汉语桥“天津欢迎你” 欧洲非通用语国家线上团组交流项目,旨在通过在线教学及文化体验活动,以语言了解文化,以文化促进交流,加深“一带一路”沿线欧洲国家学生对中国语言文化与天津地方特色文化的了解和体验,为中国与“一带一路”沿线欧洲国家友好关系长期发展营造良好的文化氛围,奠定稳固的人文基础。


General Courses 通用课程