Jinan University


Jinan University, established in 1906, is the first national university under the joint guidance of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Education Ministry of the State Council of P. R. China. It is also the first Chinese university to enroll overseas Chinese and foreign students. With the largest number of overseas students on campus, Jinan University enjoys a well-earned reputation as the paramount academy for overseas Chinese and is one of the top 100 universities under the Key Construction Project of the 21st Century of China. The College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University (CCLC) has always dedicated itself to the education of Chinese language and culture, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages as well as the pre-university education for overseas students. In June, 1993, the college was founded by the authorization of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Education Ministry of the State Council of P. R. China, and became one of the many colleges of Jinan University. It was composed of Guangzhou Overseas Chinese School (established in 1953), Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language of Jinan University (established in 1985), and the Department of Pre-university Education (established in 1925). CCLC has now developed into the "National Academic Base of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language", the "National Academic Base of Chinese Language and Culture" and one of the "Key Institutions of Facilitating Chinese Teaching in Neighboring Countries".


Summer Camp 团组

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