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Dragon and tiger culture comes from the primitive totem worship. Tiger is known as the king of all beasts, and is highly respected by the people, Cloth tiger puppet is one of the representatives of Chinese tiger culture. In 2008, the cloth tiger was included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list approved by the State Council. The cloth tiger puppet in the northeast region of China contains a strong culture and rich folklore connotation of the northeast region, showing the survival wisdom of people, and it has great value of inheritance and protection

“龙显与天,虎隐于地”龙与虎文化来自原始图腾崇拜,“虎”被誉为百兽之王,深受百姓的尊崇,民间布老虎就是中国“虎”文化的代表之一,民间常用虎头帽、虎头枕 、老虎肚兜、虎头鞋等,来庇护孩子可以驱邪、健康、平安、强壮的成长。2008年布老虎经国务院批准列入第二批国家级非物质文化遗产名录。我国东北地区的布老虎蕴含着浓厚的东北地区文化和丰富的民俗内涵,展现出人们的生存智慧,具有传承与保护的价值。

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